Cold Metal Stitching Specialists
The Surelock Metal stitching repair is a proven and reliable method of repairing Cast Iron and Aluminium Cylinder Heads and Blocks, However, almost anything can be repaired such as Heavy Machine Beds to holes in crankcases There is no heat used at any stage of the procedure. Therefore, eliminating the cost of re-machining and rebuilding. It is possible for Surelock to use this method on site at your premises.

The Surelock repair consists of preformed metal keys which have the same characteristics of expansion and contraction as the parent metal. These keys are inserted across the fracture using a Jig to drill a series of holes to which you then knock the centres out to create a shaped keyway, you then fit the lock into the keyway and repeat this part of the process at set intervals along the fracture when this is done the gaps between the locks are drilled and tapped to accept bolts these are tightened and chiselled flush to create a single repair. Then the whole repair is riveted with a cross pein sealing the fissure. An absolute pressure tight repair is achieved by chiselling the repair flush with the parent metal and then going over it with a smooth pein and to finish, lightly polish the area with a grinding stone.
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Once this has been achieved, where applicable the item is pressure tested to check the repair and also make sure the rest of the casting is pressure tight then as a final check the area is crack tested. The method Surelock use is called non destructive testing (NDT). A white quick drying background paint is applied to the test area, then a magnet is attached and a graphite solution is washed across and the magnetic flux picks up fractures. Once all this has been done the warranty is raised....

Nick Hood