Projects Undertaken

Project/Significance: De-Dion (Horseless Carriage Block)
Problem: Frost damage cracked the water jacket. Subsequent welding/braising failed and produced further damage.
Solution: Surelock's solution was to remove the existing repair, manufacture a copy and secure with a metal stitching repair. This block was then pressure tested to prove the quality and effectiveness of the repair.

Project/Significance: Jaguar Straight Six Engine Block (pre 1950)
Problem: Frost Damage caused extensive fractures of both sides of the water jacket.
Solution: A Surelock engineer undertook the repair on site, firstly crack testing to establish the true extent of the fractures. A metal stitching repair was then performed. Once completed the repair was proved by further testing.

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Project/Significance: REMUS (E.R.A) Circa 1930's Grand Prix Car
Problem: Fractured Block caused whilst racing at Silverstone (During Practice). Replacing the engine block was not an option due to time pressures and the cars uniqueness.
Solution: The complete car was delivered to the workshop and was repaired in situ on the same day, thus allowing the car to meet its racing schedule.

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